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Read this for MOD usage in GAME!!

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Read this for MOD usage in GAME!!

Post  MDK NL on Sun Nov 04, 2012 2:41 am

Boomer: hold crouch key and loading to boomerslide,
Crouch for rocketjump pressing jump..
U can selfdestruct (explode) biling all survivors around u > click mouse 2.

Charger: charger steering> just change direction in charge using mouse.
Jump high with survivor in charge> just press jump in charge.

Spitter: spitter is invincible after spit for 3 sec.
Spitter can selfkill by pressing mouse 2.

hunter: hunter can leap far,, just look up press mouse 1.
Shuriken: Stand up and look at survivors at close distance.  just use claw slap like u slap a survivor from closeby, but instead u trow a shuriken doing 8 damage.
Hunter can do a lash in pouncing slapping surrounding survivors away.

Jockey: attack on top of survivors ride and jump of a edge.

Tank: If a tank comes, an airstrike is activated
Throw a rock and the rock can explode, of u might throw an special infected a player on infected can get instand so watch if a tank throws infected, u can get an infected for playing with on infected team.

tank roar: if u are the tank get close near survivors and use mouse 2 to blow survivors away from u using a roar [NO dmg]

If a tank dies rocks can [explode]come down on u. from the sky.

If a witch dies the same can happen > [rocks can do serious dmg.

Write in chat.
!stats see ur hcs stats
!pactlist: see players country.
!buy or !p: to buy things with points u earned with killing or do dmg.
!s: to use a smokescreen.
!mapvote in final map to vote next campaign. !mapvotes for seeing al total votes.

Double weapons:: in game> like example 1x AK47 and a Sniper scout you can use and u keep 2 weapons next rounds.
The hint..
After u see the message TAB key 1 2x [gets empty] choose 2nd rifle...

>Just press key 1 on ur keyboard 2 times very fast. then u see the weapon u had disapears to an empty spot like u hav no weapon

Then just walk to a heavy weapon on the table or ground and pick it up. now u have 2 weapons just press key 1 again 2times fast, and u can rotate between weapons.
Or u can buy with !buy ( if enough pts are available.)

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good to know

Post  mrkvoslav pazitka on Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:01 am

nice thx for it Wink ill copy it to steam group
mrkvoslav pazitka
HCS Administator l4d2
HCS Administator l4d2

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